Software Engineer

W e s   U r b a n i a k


Software engineer // Dynamic Creative // Writer // Artist



Similar to solving problems there is a need to alleviate problematic situations that burden a workflow, or sequence.  Resolving this is often done in tool development.  That is why I was drawn to software engineering.  As a dedicated designer and developer/builder in both real-world and digital applications, I want to be a part of developing the tools that people can utilize to enhance creative ability.  Push the intuitive approach, shorten the learning period of a tool, and give the user control over the outcome they want. 

Finding inspiration in learning new things and pushing myself to always become more capable than the day before has been my routine.  I’m a high level functional artist, musician, creative, author, and experimenter.  If you have a problem, let’s give it the wiggles and see what’s rattling.  

Zoom off on a quick applications adventure.