Banjo – 001

This bugga is one large banjo with a 15″ rim made from 3 hand bent plies of Figured Black Walnut and the top of the ring was grafted with Massaranduba which is insanely hard and thusly produces a brighter and louder sound.  The head is goat skin that are pulled down by the standard clasps, but what isn’t standard are the brass piano screws that hold the clasps.  They are yet another useful part of the various 100+ year old pianos I had acquired that were in great disrepair.

The neck goes all the way through the body and is made of Black Walnut with some Figured Maple accents.  An owl marks the twelfth fret.  A spike was added to the fifth string so that any song being played in ‘A’ could be done without retuning.

That handsome back has a center of Black Walnut that is surrounded by Quilted Maple.

Bowl-backed Banjo -01 – 11″ pot scoop neck

Solid Black Walnut body with hard Maple rim that has been turned and tuned as a bowl.  Black Walnut neck, Mahogany and Figure Maple stacked heal block, 27″ scale, planetary tuners, Cottonwood crosscut headstock veneer, Rosewood fret board, natural goat skin head, and 100 year+ old piano brass incorporated with the clasps.