The Urbaniak’s.

There are so many ways that we can work together, and conversely, there are so many ways that we can become destructive to each other.  It takes a great stride to come to the inside of this on either end and see which we are. Honesty and humility are not always easily won, or knowingly fought for. So then, as for us, I feel as though we are two people extending the dimensions of possibility and hope in our togetherness.  This is not without the emulsive behaviors of entropy, but the effort to find resolution holds water most consistently.  And that is a wonderful gift.  A gift that sets reason and purpose upon a spine.

Greetings.  Hullo.  One camp and many fires.  A complexity of simple matters is probably the best set descriptor.  To focus the creative beam for too long is an idea that must be the brother of doom.  It sounds terrifying to only get to ‘be’ one thing, and so, with my mind set to fire, I thrash around in suspense of what’s happening and what’s to come and what’s possible and not yet imagined.  Yes, I’m getting older and those heaves of youthful vigor are lessening, but the dimensions created from experiment and experience are broadening and becoming deep pools from which to draw the well’s bucket.  Delirium ad Infinitum.

Beginning a new journey carries an idea that we are uncertain or unknowing about whats to come.  This might be true, but it is also true that we have been equipped from all previous journeys with some pretty profound tools and abilities.  Trust in those.

My work explores the rhythm that surrounds us:  the  connectivity, the interactions, the dependency. Wide expanses of the land afford me the opportunity to study the lines that I see…the wind-swept edges of snow, the eroded surfaces of sandstone and vast ridges of mountains.  I am intrigued by the meeting of the planes in a crisp, sure edge. I seek a harmonious flow – the bending grass, the lines of color and texture in an animal and the inherent nature of a place and being.  The natural environment inspires the combination of my techniques of layering colors and textures with the blending of smoothly transitioned paint.