Bass Guitar

Fretted bass guitar

Meet Frank (named by owner).  Frank is a second generation experimental bass guitar built with a solid figured Maple body, Laminated Maple and Black Walnut neck, and a Morado fretboard.  What makes Frank experimental?  Well, Frank’s top has only two braces.  Of the two braces, one has a small adjustable truss rod (1/2 the size of the first generation bass) embedded into it that can be adjust from the bottom corner of the bass.

I had been working through my understandings of mass and the energy required to drive the mass and how it works together with surface area and the internal volume…later to be considered as, The Pond.


Frank’s older and younger brother.  Yeah, it’s a weird thing.  This bass was the first of it’s kind internally, and it suffered from some dimensional problems.  After Frank was built, this bass underwent some surgeries.  The back was cut off, the sides were shrunk down an inch, the neck had a fretboard replacement, the top was sanded down in thickness, and a new bridge was made.  It was one hell of a thing to have done.

This bass has created access to more information on the principals of acoustic instruments and their inherent qualities for me more than any other one instrument experience ever has or will again.  That’s quite a load to bear and there is much gratitude for having been allowed to walk this path.