My, how words have affected my entire life’s directions.  Much of what I work on requires what feels like a book of words already, but I wanted something more official.  Yes, I’ve dreamt about writing books since I was recovering from dreaming about music.  Well, I’m nearly there.

Mozzy's Cart: Book one

A story that utilizes the totems to express the struggles of a dream.  I write so often in metaphor and ambiguity that I felt a story would be a great way to pass along information to any seeking the path of the dreamer.  Not all dreams are callings, though…

Experiment Pond.

Want to build instruments?  Start your thinking here.  The Experimental Pond goes over some ideas about how to look at an acoustic instrument.  Without plunging the reader into a full on physics lesson, the book discusses some of the cause-effect associations in instruments.  Plus, there is a side-by-side build with Will Sappington of two 8-string Mountain Tenor Ukuleles.  Included are the plans to build the T-mu, or Tenor Mountain Ukulele.

Fairytale – Science.

What the heck is that?  Ever want to see something – observe it – without knowing what it’s called, how it works, why it works, etcetera, so that the understanding of it comes on more fully?  Well, we certainly do with movies, or books, or stories.  We don’t like to be told the ending.  NO SPOILERS!  Anyway, my curiosities concerning the Universe drove me mad.  Drove me – Drive me mad.  The more I observed the more there was to observe.  Patterns and arrangements began to form.  Consequences of thought and action began to both amaze and terrify me.  What control was mine?  What ability to block was mine?  What chance did I have to create inside a system of anti-creation?  Most importantly, how do I stay awake to these things?

This will then be only a book of observations directed toward the dreamer.  That person who wished to reveal…