Elephant Tour

The Elephant Tour.  Interesting wooden music machines these guitars are.  There are very few aspects of this guitar that come off as shy or reserved.  Its size is somewhat modest in one direction, but because the other directions do not follow suit, it comes off as being prominent and bold.  It is every bit of bold.

There are five Elephant Tour guitars in all the world and that is all there will be.  From the start, that is all there were ever meant to be.  Only three – 1, 4, 5 – have the elephant head bridge.  2 and 3 got the normal bridge, with 2 also getting a laminated top and a jellyfish routed into it.  3 was built using an all Zebrawood body.  All are pretty darn funky.

Elephant Tour - 002

Elephant Tour – 002

All Zebrawood body with Purple Heart grafting, Mahogany neck, stacked heal block, Grover Machine heads.

The Elephant Tour guitar takes a spin around the imagination with its gnarly shapes and movements.  All of the Elephant Tour guitars (5) were built over the course of a five year period, but the last two were built at the end of the fifth year.  The other three were built inside of the first two years.  As for the evolution of the builder (me) a great deal of distance had been journeyed, so the last two a distinctly more refined.

Elephant Tour - 004

Elephant Tour – 004 (I’ve known all along that there were only to be five of these.  Interesting that I still number them with 00 before the number.)

Scotch Pine (Blue pine) top with a Zebra wood center stripe.  Silent (same as back and sides) grafting – Zebra wood back and sides and a laminated Zebra wood and figured Maple neck.  Gotoh 110 tuners, Fishman electronics, player’s side sound hole, Ebony fretboard, and elephant head bridge plus the 7th string.

This guitar is just really so darn beautiful.