The Ghus – and the Little Ghus.  What beasts?  For me, yes, they are beasts.  The Ghueshundt is the only full-sized guitar that gets plucked out of the shop.  My fascination has always held steady in the smaller more parlor-sized guitar world, but something was needed to fill the gap.  Ghus’s both large and little come in several formats – 14th fret and 12th fret necks – top sound hole / side sound hole – etcetera – but they are all of profound uniqueness and character.

Ghueshundt – 001 – 14th fret f.

Fir top from a 100+ year old piano, Wenge back and sides, laminated Figured Maple and Black Walnut neck, Gotoh 510 machine heads, Spalted Tamarin headstock veneer, plug-through-body string fixture.

This Ghus, as all are, is special in several aspects of its appearance.  It’s the only Ghus that has these f-hole style sound holes, and, because they will not be brought back, it will remain the only one.  Another oddity of this feller is the hand-rubbed shellac finish.  Occasionally this happens, but not often.  I’d even go with rarely.

Ghueshundt – 003 – 12th fret

Scotch Pine (Blue Pine) top with Koa wood center stripe.  Zebrawood back and sides with Padouk grafting and figured maple center strip on back.  Zebrawood and Koa laminated neck and stacked heal block.  All 100 years piano sound board bracing inside.  Gotoh 510 21:1 ratio machine heads – 7th string with planetary rotor.

Ghueshundt – 004 – 12th fret

Scotch Pine (Blue pine) top with worm holes and Zebrawood center stripe.  Zebrawood back and sides with Padouk grafting and a primary sound hole on the player’s side.  Figured Maple and Zebrawood laminated neck and stacked heal block.  Gotoh 510 21:1 ratio machine heads.  Hand-rubbed Tung oil finish.