I do not paint because I consider myself a painter.  I paint because it is in conflict with all the other expressions I participate in.  I’m not even sure that I like to paint except that there is a challenge to confront thought and time as they are in union and battle the expansion of the slow realm.  I cannot but weave without concern and the madness of thinking that I am concerned makes the process insanely frustrating.  My hands are not the keepers of the outcome here; they do not know the best ways to interpret what they are told to do.  This is way awesome to me.  Way and awesome.  Word Bird.

Shrimp.  There is an expression: we are what we eat?  Does this apply then to the other forms of input?  Well, I think so.  Observation places some pretty heavy tension between the pulling end of the rope and the keeping end of the rope.  Which is it, though; which is actually the pulling end and which actually is the keeping end.  It comes to another old expression: it takes two to…

By surrounding ourselves with diversity, we are much more likely to become diverse and broad thinking individuals.  We will know the taste of many ‘foods’.  Perhaps, we will still enjoy the company of the favorite, but we will know the formation of many tastes and learn how best to enjoy them.

The Pink Flamingo is not by itself pink.  It is pink because of its diet.  Because of its consumption within its environment.

Steady.  Thoughts often come upon us like particles of light exposing themselves within a space of ignition.  The flare rises.  Expands.  With one eye we can see it clearly and wholly can settle in it, and with the other we can witness its turn to failure.  We must learn the course of the steady thinker, so that one is not greater than the other because when they are balanced, the eye that sees becomes both eyes and the trials set before can be understood and overcome.

Be then steady and be then clear.  Hold your form upright and shine plenty of light behind you because others will wish to follow.

Umbrella.  Addressing the timeline as being both linear and circular, it is both a shipwreck and a ship set sail upon.  Umbrellas and ships are so much alike that if we were to stand on our heads in any boat, we should be able to call that boat an umbrella.  Of course, we would hesitate to stand any other way except for under our umbrella, but the water is kept from us in a similar way.