Mozzy’s Cart.



Mozzelephus Ursidae (Mozzy)

Burden (Mozzy’s friend)

Bedorven Plot (Burden’s friend)

Cozen (Burden’s and Plot’s friend)

Loxadonta Ursidae (Loxa – Mozzy’s great great great great great great and several more grandma.  She was the first Elephant Bear.)

Yueshma (The Mother Bear.  She is the bear deity.)

DosFeir Zutrobussa (FeirBussa – he is the Gate Bear.)



Hoodle (Mozzy’s friend)

Visceldorn (The smallish hippo with the biggish voice)


Galeal (Half of the gate and companions with FeirBussa)

Paenaira (Elephant in the Red Forest.  Bad.)

Creator – Tak (Tauk – talk) – The Antelope King

Creator of the Naughgola – Lyrec (Also an antelope.  Bad.)