Not Pear

The NotPear – Simple lines that draw out complex emotions.  25 or fewer NotPears will be made each year, but never more.  They are simply meant to be few in number.  An instrument that does not give to the model of exponentials, but instead an instrument that calls on sustainable passages.


Not Pear. – 003 – fretless.

Once the deconstruction of the classical model has been completed and the parts are in the metaphorical hand, we can begin again to reconstruct the machine.  It must achieve the absolute standard – without this, it is simply a gimmick.  Long have we drawn conclusions without testing against all possibilities, and have settled to attain achievement for what’s already been achieved – hence, the current standard.  It’s time for new standards.  The smallest thought can bring down years of thinking.

Scale Length: 34″

Top: Scotch Pine (Blue Pine)

Back and Sides: Ash (recovered from 1922 piano side boards) / Tapered 3 1/2″ Tail 2 5/8″ Head

Grafting: Zebrawood (reused from leftover instrument builds)

Bridge: Zebrawood

Saddle and Nut: Ebony and Padouk

Fingerboard: Laminated Pau Ferro (Morado), Zebrawood, and Figured Maple

Neck: Figured Maple – trussed core/stacked heal block



Not Pear. – 001 – fretless.

Why you are so angry?  After discovering that knots could be reinforced and used as a part of an instrument’s expression, the availability of possibilities changed dramatically.

Something else is happening here.  These thin-bodied basses are acoustically loud and full.  As a single thorn to a giant, they definitely made me question the path I had been taking with the larger bodied beasts.  I was so convinced of the requirement for mass and volume that that is how I went about the low towing monsters.  That they can be slender and fast with big sound makes them much more approachable to guitar players like myself.  Dig it.

Scale Length: 34″

Top: Black Walnut with the knot fungus (complete internal reinforcement)

Back and Sides: Figured Maple – thin line 2 5/8″

Lower bout width: 15″ / Body length: 21 1/2″

Grafting: Zebrawood (reused from leftover instrument builds)

Bridge: Katalox

Saddle and Nut: paper stone (recycled paper and obsidian flakes)

Fingerboard: Book matched Pau Ferro (Morado)

Neck: Figured Maple – trussed core/stacked heal block

-$2923 – sold