Held firm to the in-between, I rallied my thoughts to accept the process when normally I would not. Only as fast as the slowest moving part…right? Right.

This slowing moving part doesn’t only remove me from accomplishing tasks effectively, it actually stops the entire process. It becomes the train car that refuses to couple, refuses to move, or refuses to carry resources where needed. Furthermore, it can absorb all the energy that was present in the system – and quickly.

So, what is to be done about this act of defiance that is certainly unavoidable in the creators world? Breathing is good. It doesn’t make the buggered train car change intention, though. It does grant us some disconnect from bigness of the calamity. Start there. Next, move the mind into a state of understanding the complexity of static. Nothing has actually stopped moving. That is key. You’ve only encountered a part, a train car, that needs the energy.

Tricky part is in the approach. How do we establish the encounter so that it does not fully diminish our flow? Ha [:, well, practiced responsibility of emotional self connection and preservation. The energy used to get that clunky train car going, and the initial energy that was driving the system, do not have to be from the same bank account. Or something like that.

Anyhow, good luck out there your revealer creatives…