Thoughtful persistence through the science of art.

Without Sight.

How do we begin to move from a place when our compass fails us? When the needle of our life’s direction refuses to yield a steady aim, what then? The mindless is without the mind. The easy answers is: something. Do something. Anything until you know a more specific something. Do that. Really though? That’s […]

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To reveal what’s underneath is a craft of pulling away piece by piece the surface. Each piece of human self has different tendencies. Some parts of ‘us’ hold on and are difficult to erode. Other parts are soft and erode away easily. These constant life erosions are the very things creating our meta-appearance within the […]

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To Err to Air

It has long been kept close to my heart the credentials of a curse. Once a curse is spoken it cannot be unspoken. The only path out is through. We were blessed as humans in a way that is incredible. Every curse was bound to a blessing, but it is finding this blessing that is […]

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Corrosion is a path that will lead to corruption if left unattended. These heavy plaques that are so easily invited into the depths of our thoughts begin to corrode us. It is not easy to tell them that their welcome has passed for they have no ears. Only by the actions of the person will […]

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The Fighter and the Rest.

The Fighter and the Rest. “I’m a thinker – a builder – a doer – a seeker – and a revealer of possibility. What’s special is found in the relationship of these postures as they converge. So stitch my heart, Man – I must go again. Stitch my mind up please – I must go […]

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