Corrosion is a path that will lead to corruption if left unattended. These heavy plaques that are so easily invited into the depths of our thoughts begin to corrode us. It is not easy to tell them that their welcome has passed for they have no ears. Only by the actions of the person will corroding thoughts be washed away and the terminals with which we think cleared for proper charge and discharge of good and simple thoughts. For my mind – the battery – and my thoughts – the alternator – must arrange themselves in this cycle of give and take as best and as clear as possible in order for the outcome of my own machine that is to do the work to be done to be able do it best. I am talking once more about the allegory of the two hands.

I cannot do the work that needs done with two hands with only one hand. No matter the proficiency of the one hand the requirement is set. It is metaphor, but it a most important understanding for those of us that have dreams. The answer is uncomplicated, though. It is binding and twisting itself all together with simple details that are weaving a material of reality that is easily given over to corruption. Often, unknowingly given to it. How does the mind stay clear enough to see that it cannot just be a battery of the give-take dynamic? It must be more. It must sit on the throne that rules debate and conflict and all while measuring goodness, outcome, and virtue.

The balance that comes is that one gets burned while the other is safe – both get burned and some heal quickly; some do not heal; some heal a little – some know what it is to War and that it comes on every level and at every moment. To War a good War will never have the full set of righteousness with it for it cannot be with what realities exist. Realities and the perspectives that hold them and shelter them must belong to the evermore. We must know War, but because we should seek Freedom should we know it. Is it not the thing itself? It is.

What journey one has made with their own mind and understanding, another can also make. The journey that has not been made will be said to not exist. All possible outcomes is a blessing we were gifted with. Be slow and cautious with corrosive thoughts against other, and measure each as they come in, know them, but deny them refuge – deny them shelter.

The Long Walk.