To Err to Air

It has long been kept close to my heart the credentials of a curse. Once a curse is spoken it cannot be unspoken. The only path out is through. We were blessed as humans in a way that is incredible. Every curse was bound to a blessing, but it is finding this blessing that is part of the blessing itself. It is not always, and many times rarely, easily done.

To speak our grievances we often speak curses to the air. Beginning long before it is even spoken – a time when a curse is still held in the private holdings of thought – to the keeper of its intention. It is the unintended consequence that unfolds first and more violently does send at first the idea of ill-thinking. It is a criminal act against the whole system of understanding to assume this role, and to be this player in the games of life.

Heavy questions are more difficult to move from on top of where they keep their answers. More work must be done; more life must be felt; more depth must be achieved. In our society, my society, we are consumed with the path of least resistance. To do what is easy – to avoid what is hard – to turn away from what is hard – to curate the illusions of what should be easy.

If we are Shepherd only to the easy, we shall only reap what expansion has occurred in the self. We are wolves shepherding the flock – when the flock is difficult to reach and not giving its life-source as needed, we turn to one another and tear apart at the easy flesh. What trouble this brings?

Our McDonalds society is not giving the deep nutrient and mineral value needed, but we charge away anyhow. It is effective to do a little and see a little change – when we are not used to change, little change often feels like big change. It is not big change, though, and the tears and rips will continue to allow our selves to pour out. In all the ways we can – eat better food – eat the best foods.