Thoughtful persistence through the science of art.


Corrosion is a path that will lead to corruption if left unattended. These heavy plaques that are so easily invited into the depths of our thoughts begin to corrode us. It is not easy to tell them that their welcome has passed for they have no ears. Only by the actions of the person will […]

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The Fighter and the Rest.

The Fighter and the Rest. “I’m a thinker – a builder – a doer – a seeker – and a revealer of possibility. What’s special is found in the relationship of these postures as they converge. So stitch my heart, Man – I must go again. Stitch my mind up please – I must go […]

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Here we are here we go.

What it takes is always more than what it appears to take.  That seems vague enough as it stands alone, but when it is applied to the practice of becoming the ideas of its implied meaning begins to clear.  Thusly so, standing behind every bit and piece of ‘work-art-form’, every graspable touchable thing that has […]

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